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Get Accidental Medical Benefit, Get Peace-of-Mind…


What is an Accidental Injury?

Definition of an Accidental Injury is: “bodily injury that has an accidental cause, rather than being caused by a disease process or longstanding medical condition.”

How many family members are included in the “family membership” cover?

A married couple and up to four dependent children living at the same address.

Main member means the insured person who is the benefit holder

Spouse means the legal spouse of the Main member which shall include “Common Law Spouse”

Children means the unmarried children or legally adopted children of the Main Member who are under 18 years of age, or under 24 years of age, if a full-time student and having no form of employment, and who is normally residing with the Main member.

When will my debit order start running?

Debit orders run in advance, once your membership has been confirmed and activated.

Where will I be transported to as a patient?

You will be transported to the nearest appropriate facility for your accidental injuries. Keep in mind at all times that the Paramedics that arrive on the scene will ask you whether you have medical aid. You need to inform them that you are a member of Guardian Assist and give them the contact details to contact our Call Centre.

What if I am already a member of a medical aid?

You have the choice to have dual coverage, for peace of mind.


0861 GUARD ASSIST (482 732)


0861 GUARD ASSIST (482 732) | info@guardianassist.co.za